Environmental & Safety Specialist

NVIC Position Description

Title:  Environmental Health & Safety Engineer

Department:  Environmental and Safety

FLSA Status:   Exempt

Grade:  M07- M09

Revised: 08/18/2017



The Environmental Health & Safety Engineer has primary responsibilities for maintaining all environmental processes and ensuring compliance with environmental regulatory and ISO 14000 requirements.  This position will also be responsible for assisting with health & safety responsibilities as assigned.

Principle Accountabilities:

  • Have through understanding of existing environmental permits and requirements, and ensuring that compliance is maintained by conducting regular compliance audits.
  • Responding to all environmental incidents and providing guidance on response, to include reclamation, waste disposal and notification.
  • Assisting with incident investigation and development of corrective action plans to prevent future similar risk and oversee implementation of such plans.
  • Lead ISO 14000 activities to include updating of targets & objectives through management review process.
  • Conducting regular reviews of EHS policy and updating as needed. Participating in internal and external ISO audits.
  • Interact with regulatory agencies & assist with on-site inspections and follow up communications as required.
  • Conducting all required sampling and providing documentation to regulatory agencies as required.
  • Provide guidance to management regarding impacts to existing permits based upon planned modifications to facility or process.
  • Work with necessary contractors and regulatory agencies with permit modifications or new permit requests.
  • Create and publish charts, graphs and other visual displays to communicate Key Performance Indicators of environmental performance.
  • Conduct all environmental related training and maintaining of training records.
  • Communicate with contractors working on site to ensure EHS requirements are communicated and adhered to. Responsible for maintaining of contractor agreements.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Serve as secondary safety & health representative and have through understanding of related duties.
  • Participate in risk management activities and implementation of corrective action.
  • Participate with industrial hygiene activities and other EHS related testing and evaluation.




  • Bachelor Degree in Environmental Health is preferred.
  • 2-5 years of experience working in manufacturing environment.